Online crypto password recovery

with no upfront cost

with no upfront cost

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How does it work?

Regain control of your lost common crypto wallet, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. If you remember part of your password or have a consistent password creation method, we can help you recover it. Learn more on the video below.

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The best technologies at your service

Powerful algorithms

Powerful algorithms

We improved the best algorithms to decipher the digital signature of cryptocurrency wallets using cutting-edge decryption technologies.

Decentralized supercomputer

Decentralized supercomputer

We can easily test trillions of possible passwords to unlock your crypto wallet, thanks to our decentralized supercomputer.

Our fees

The commission is withdrawn the moment we unlock the wallet and just before providing you with the password.
Yep, no upfront cost!


More than $100K in the wallet


From $10K to $100K in the wallet


From $2K to $10K in the wallet

What our clients say

Some kind words from our respected clients

Some kind words from our respected clients

Thanks a lot for recovering my cryptos, it will change my life!



Thanks for recovering my bitcoin wallet!!! I will be able to buy myself a nice apartment.



Thank you for finding my password! The process was easy and I can now use my bitcoin wallet! The only negative point is that I had to wait 1 month to get my password, but it must be said that it was especially complicated.



Thank you so much to Unlock My Wallet who did a very professional job and allowed me to regain access to my account!



Who is behind this solution?

A project led by Frederic Scholtes, a Crypto enthusiast and technology specialist who happened to lose his Bitcoin wallet password.

To recover it, he used his expertise as a developer and IT infrastructure specialist to create a highly effective cryptocurrency recovery system by improving standard decryption algorithms for greater efficiency and utilizing computer networks to quickly unlock passwords.

Our success will now be yours too!

Our success will now be yours too!

Photo of the project manager

Frederic Scholtes

IT Specialist & Wallet Unlocker

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